You Want to Be Comfortable Sitting on your Deck

Strathwood Gibranta Hardwood Arm Chair

The Strathwood Gibranta Hardwood Arm Chair set includes 2 comfortable and handsome armchairs that will make a lovely addition to any porch, patio, or indoor area.

Each chair has two attractive removable cushions that can be adjusted to give high or low support to the user and can be tied to the frame so that they won’t blow away during strong winds.

The chairs are crafted from durable hardwood intended for outdoor use during all weather conditions. This eucalyptus wood is dense and naturally resists insect infestation as well as rotting.

These chairs have been built to last and have been handsomely finished so that you can enjoy a set of comfortable armchairs that also look great in your favorite seating area.

Strathwood Gibranta All-Weather Hardwood Arm Chair

Product Features and Specifications

  • Arm chairs with removable cushions for outdoor and indoor use
  • Made of FSC-certified durable eucalyptus wood
  • Easily assembled
  • Measures 24” x 28” x 35” (individually)
  • Each weighs 20 pounds

Most of the customer reviews for the Strathwood Gibranta Chair Set have been positive and it currently has a review rating of 3.8/5 stars at

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The Negative Reviews

While most of the customer feedback for the Strathwood Gibranta All-Weather  Chair Set has been positive, there have also been a few negative reviews voiced by its customers. We will now discuss some of these complaints in the interest of presenting our readers with an unbiased view on this product.

The wood that the chairs are made of has disappointed some of the reviewers. For example, one customer found that after a couple of months the chairs were producing splinters and that after 6 months they were molding in some areas. On the other hand, most of the reviewers have not reported similar issues and have instead suggested that the use of teak oil can be used to keep the chairs looking beautiful.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this set of chairs was not designed for lounging needs. Some customers have complained about this because they were expecting the chairs to be comfortable for long periods of time. The chairs have been described as similar to good-sized dining chairs.

There have also been complaints about the difficulty of washing the cushion covers.

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The Positive Reviews

Despite the negative feedback that we have just discussed, most of the customer reviews for the Strathwood Gibranta All-Weather Hardwood Arm Chair Set have been positive.

One huge benefit of these armchairs is that they are very easy to assemble. A lot of the customers have reported that they have managed to put the chairs together in less than an hour, some within 15 minutes. The fact that assembly tools are provided has proven to assist the process.

It is clear that the reviewers have been pleased with how aesthetically pleasing this set of chairs is to look at. The customers appreciate the high quality wood that the chairs are made of and think that the chairs are beautiful. Users have reported that they make a great addition to complete a patio set.

The reviewers have enjoyed sitting on these chairs while reading the newspaper and drinking coffee as well as enjoying a drink in the evening, which suggest that they are comfortable.

Finally, there have also been compliments made for the sturdiness of the chairs and for the low price of the set.


Would we recommend the Strathwood Gibranta  Hardwood Arm Chair Set to our readers?

Absolutely, and here is why:

Aside from a couple of issues, most of the customer feedback for this set of chairs has been very encouraging. The fact that some reviewers have reported that the set constitutes the best price available for a quality set of patio chairs increases our confidence in this recommendation.


We encourage any of our readers who are looking for a great looking set of armchairs that are easy to put together and are affordable to consider investing in this product.